Open fully decentralized

Shellchain-based ShellToken is the world's first distributed block chain master network certificate advocating complete decentralization.We hope to build an efficient and transparent blockchain in line with the spirit of blockchain.

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Innovation pioneered Block 2.0

The concept of Block2.0 was first proposed and practiced by ST, aiming to solve the problem of insufficient depth under the bancor protocol and the inability to delegate pending orders. With the open reserve management pool, anyone can put their idle funds into the management pool and enjoy the fee income; the online commissioning order mechanism allows the user to perform the pending order operation.

Open source open chain

ST is the first trading platform in the world to promote open autonomy. All front-end and back-end code is open source. All interfaces are open. All existing trading platforms can be seamlessly connected and enjoy trading on their platforms. The profit generated.

ShellWallet as a traffic portal

ShellWallet is the official first shellchain-based wallet.

Wallet entrance is safe and reliable

ST is a trading platform built into the wallet APP. It can be used directly on the wallet APP. There is no risk of revealing the private key, which is very convenient and safe.

Smart contracts are transparent

Automated trading through the smart contract Bancor algorithm, which can be checked on each transaction chain, safe and transparent.

Chain management

Open Bancor reserve pool, efficient use of idle funds.


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